This Is Not Normal

Uncontrollable bushfires. Record-breaking rainfall. Devastating floods. Over the past three years, climate disasters have ravaged our country.

This is not normal. At least it shouldn’t be. 

With an election around the corner, the conversation about a new normal has never been more important. Like thousands of businesses around Australia, we are constantly searching for ways of reducing our impact on the planet, but sometimes it feels like we’re using a garden hose to fight a megafire. 

The good news is Australia has an unparalleled opportunity to reimagine a better, more sustainable future for the next generation. To take the power out of the hands of the fossil fuel industry. To harness renewable energy and lead the world’s transition to low-emissions technologies. 

But we need our Government to be fair dinkum on the science of climate change. To give businesses a shot at turning their garden hose into a fire hydrant. And to give Australia a fair go at making a positive difference to the future of our planet. 

We reckon a new government is an opportunity for change that is too good to be wasted. 

Join us below if you agree.

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  3. Donate to a Climate NGO.
    Here’s a few we think are doing great work:
    Australian Youth Climate CoalitionClimate 200Climate CouncilGroundswell GivingSEED
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